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  Why Black Tulip  

Let's start with a confession. There is no such thing as a Black Tulip. In fact for centuries horticulturalists around the world have been trying to achieve the actual color black, but it still eludes them. The closest they have gotten to black is a very deep velvety purple or varying shades of dark maroon which resemble black in a dim light.
At Black Tulip Recruitment you could say that  our clients are a 'vase' and our candidates are 'tulips'
A good vase needs a strong foundation, stand on its own and provide water and nourishment for the tulips to thrive. That is why we choose to partner with companies who provide a strong culture and environment for our candidates to develop and progress their careers.
A tulip is a unique flower. It looks magnificent on its own but so much better in a bunch. So too our candidates bring their own experiences, skills, work style and personality to an organisation, which in turn help make your team  stronger.
Our mission is to find you that elusive Black Tulip , and whilst it may not be true black it will certainly be the pick of the bunch.